Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to common questions about BlockArt Blocks. Get help with using the platform or find answers to inquiries here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is BlockArt Blocks plugin? 

BlockArt Blocks plugin is a WordPress website builder plugin that offers you highly optimized Gutenberg blocks both in terms of SEO and performance. 

Who should use BlockArt Blocks plugin? 

BlockArt Blocks plugin is a highly diverse and versatile plugin that anyone can use for any general-purpose website. 

Can I configure the blocks from BlockArt Blocks? 

Yes, you get a variety of customization options for each block that you can modify according to your requirement. 

Is there documentation and support for users?  

Yes, you can find help from documentation and support for any queries you have for BlockArt Blocks. 

Does the plugin work with the latest WordPress version?  

Yes, the plugin is made to work with the latest WordPress version.  

How to get started with the plugin?  

To get started with the plugin, simply install it from the “Add New” section from “Plugins” and search for “BlockArt Blocks”. You can also find the download link from or our official website. After that, activate the plugin and add blocks according to your requirements.  

How often do you release updates for BlockArt Blocks? 

We release updates often to keep the plugin up to date. Any bugs or issues will be dealt with as soon as possible to provide you with seamless website building experience. 

How do I add blocks to my WordPress website?  

You can easily add blocks to your WordPress website by pressing on the “+” icon or dragging the block from the library. 

How many blocks are BlockArt Blocks offering? 

Currently, there are 6 blocks in BlockArt Blocks that you can use on your website. 

BlockArt Blocks is a lightweight WordPress Gutenberg block plugin. Offers seamless website building experience and responsive blocks to add. Whether you’re a skilled designer or a beginner, this plugin is the right match for you. 

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