Powerful Blocks

Looks Great! Feels Great! Intuitive WordPress Gutenberg blocks to build your dream website.

Exclusive BlockArt Blocks

Components necessary for your websites are bundled in the form of BlockArt blocks. Assemble them to craft your website


Easily add rows and columns to your page to create various layout variations. 


Create stylish title for each section with various markups from H1 to H6. 


Customize typography and style paragraphs with multiple settings.


Add customizable buttons to your page and direct users to other webpages by assigning a URL to the button. 


Enhance your website’s visual appeal by inserting relevant images or photographs. 


Maintain a clutter-free and clean page layout by inserting gaps between blocks. 

Social Share

Let visitors share your pages through their social platforms with just a click.


Add and display your website’s content in different tabs on your page. 

Table Of Content

Summarize and display the contents’ headings as a list. 


Show your statistics in numbers to display on your webpage.


Upload Lottie animations to your webpage to enhance your content. 


Add the team block to showcase your team members and their description. 


Display a countdown for certain occasion or event right on your website.

Info Box

Display customizable and informative boxes with titles, paragraphs, and buttons to direct users to other internal pages. 


Add beautiful and responsive sliders to showcase elements like text, images, videos, and more on your page. (Coming Soon)

Ready to use BlockArt Blocks

BlockArt is simple and easy to use. Get Started with any of its 24 pre-build starter templates with plenty of customization options.

BlockArt Blocks is a lightweight WordPress Gutenberg block plugin. Offers seamless website building experience and responsive blocks to add. Whether you’re a skilled designer or a beginner, this plugin is the right match for you. 

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