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A baseline grid is one that’s established from the baselines your typography sits on. These appear as visual.

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

6 most useful Blocks with plentiful settings and styling options

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Import any templates to any pages

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From typography to colors for every element

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Optimized for mobile to tablets to desktop devices

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Our amazing products enhance your website with ease of use.


Modern magazine theme that would perfectly fit every digital magazine, creative magazine, lifestyle magazine, and news magazine website. Providing great flexibility to build the different styles magazine layouts with ease.

Gutenberg Blocks by BlockArt

BlockArt brings you all the necessary Gutenberg blocks backed up by powerful features for a seamless website building experience as well as simple and easy to use.







Magazine Blocks by BlockArt

Magazine Blocks brings you all the necessary blocks to create a magazine-styled page with just a few clicks.

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