Performance & SEO

Integrate WordPress Gutenberg Blocks that load seamlessly on your web pages. Elevate your website’s visibility and boost organic traffic.  

Say Hello to Highly Optimized Blocks  

Create WordPress pages and posts with advanced blocks and optimize them for speed, responsiveness, and visibility to search engines.  

SEO Optimized Blocks

SEO Optimized Blocks  

Add WordPress Gutenberg blocks to your site that are fully SEO optimized. This makes your website’s content easily discoverable. 

BlockArt’s block has proper semantic markup.  

Structure data including schema markup in the block.  

Blocks generate content that is easily accessible to the users and readers.  

Guidance to optimize the block content for relevant keywords.  

Optimized for Performance     

Optimize the performance of your website to create a fast and responsive digital experience for users.  

Fast-loading pages ensure a lower bounce rate and increase rankings and user engagement. 

Use of smaller files that lead to faster page rendering.  

Ranks your blog, posts, and website at the top of search engines.  

Optimized for Performance

Ready to Use BlockArt Blocks?  

BlockArt Blocks is simple and easy to use. Get started with any of its 24 pre-built starter templates
with plenty of customization options

BlockArt Blocks is a lightweight WordPress Gutenberg block plugin. Offers seamless website building experience and responsive blocks to add. Whether you’re a skilled designer or a beginner, this plugin is the right match for you. 

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