Block Customization

Create and style your magazines, blogs, and news portal websites the way you want! Customize available blocks to fit your website’s needs.

Introducing the Block Customization Feature  

Design and create the webpage block the way you want using Magazine Blocks’ powerful block customization feature. Create unique web pages by adding advanced and smart blocks!  

Easy and Flexible Layout

Easy and Flexible Layouts  

Use a variety of post blocks to create different post layouts as per your requirements.  

Design unique and responsive post layouts like grids, banners, post lists, and tabbed posts.  

Add several magazine/news-specific blocks like social icons, post videos, advertisements, news tickers, and dates and weather.  

Add blocks in rows and columns to create any layout.  

Powerful Block Customization Options     

Utilize unlimited block customization options offered by Magazine Blocks.  

Show the number of posts as per your choice.  

Select the advertisement image sizes the way you want.  

Format the content appearance with amazing text, image, and block alignment options.  

Choose colors, background colors, background images, and overlay. 

Position element size and spacing within the layout of a webpage.  

Block Customization

Ready to Get Started?

Simple to set up and design without prior coding experience. Magazine Blocks is the perfect tool to build websites for magazines, blogs, or news portals. 

Magazine Blocks is a Gutenberg page builder plugin for creating Magazines, News Portals, and Blog websites. Try our customizable post blocks to create different post layouts the way you want!  

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