The Easiest Way to Design

Awesome Websites

Looks Great! Feels Great! Intuitive and essential features including WordPress Gutenberg blocks to build your dream website. 

Advanced Gutenberg Blocks

6 most useful Blocks with plentiful settings and styling options

Starter Templates

Import any templates to any pages 

Style Anything

From typography to colors for every element

Responsive Design

Optimized for mobile to tablets to desktop devices

Exclusive Gutenberg Blocks

Components necessary for your websites are bundled in the form of Gutenberg blocks. Assemble them to craft your website


Add Rows and Columns inside rows to create various layouts


Create a stylish title for each section with various markups from H1 to H6


Customize typography and style paragraphs 


Redirect users to your important pages or sites by clicking buttons


Visual communication with your visitor via images


Give your designs room to breathe with white space

Starter Templates – Design Library

Click a button and BlockArt will do the rest. Choose a template that fits your requirement and import it to pages

This is the part where you start

building your website

Click the button below to download BlockArt WordPress plugin and build your website for free

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