We’re discontinuing the MagazineX theme.

We regret to inform you that we’re discontinuing the MagazineX theme. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. While the theme will still be accessible on wordpress.org, it will no longer receive support or updates.

If you’re seeking a similar theme, we strongly recommend switching to ColorMag.

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What will you get?

ColorMag outshines MagazineX with its exceptional website creation experience, customizable templates, and dedicated support.

With its wide range of customization options, you can personalize colors, fonts, and layouts to create a unique magazine-newspaper style website. And ColorMag’s support team ensures you receive instant assistance, making it a top solution for building WordPress sites.

How to switch?

We’re dedicated to a smooth and seamless transition for users, so here’s a list of FAQs to
address any concerns you may have.

What will happen to my website if the Magazine X theme is dropped? Can I continue using the MagazineX theme on my site even after the theme is dropped? 

After the theme is dropped, you’ll no longer receive the updates, bug fixes, security patches, new feature introductions, and support from our team. Besides that, your site might become vulnerable to security threats, compatibility issues with future updates of WordPress and plugins, or other functional problems as time goes on.

In general, continuing the site with the theme that has already been dropped is not recommended. But if you still want to continue using the theme, you can do so. The website will not go down immediately just because the theme is no longer supported or updated. However, you might face the issue on your site listed above after using the theme that has been dropped.

Is it necessary to switch to the ColorMag theme?  

The MagazineX theme is designed using the Magazine Blocks plugin. The Magazine Blocks plugin is Merged with the BlockArt Plugin, which is fully compatible with the ColorMag theme. Since ColorMag is compatible with the BlockArt plugin, you can use the blocks used in the MagazineX theme while using the ColorMag theme and create a similar site as MagazineX.

Besides, both ColorMag and MagazineX are the news portal themes, so you’ll find similar layouts/designs while the theme is switched.

Do I get a similar feature as that of the MagazineX theme after switching to the ColorMag theme?  

Since the ColorMag and MagazineX themes are the News Portal themes, the features are almost similar on both themes. If any features are missing, they will be updated in the future release of the ColorMag theme.

I have already Imported the MagazineX theme demo and created the site. What happens to my site after switching to the ColorMag theme?  

After switching the theme with the imported demo, all the content will remain as it is. The most noticeable change will be the website’s visual appearance, which includes design and layouts.

Besides that, if you have added the customization code on the MagazineX theme, those changes will not be carryover by the ColorMag theme. For this, you’ll need to change the customization code.

However, the major layout and design of the site can be controlled and fixed with the BlockArt blocks plugin and the styling option available with the ColorMag theme. So even after switching the theme with the imported demo, the site designs and layouts can be recovered quickly.

What steps should I take before switching from MagazineX to ColorMag?  

Before switching the theme from MagazineX to ColorMag, follow the steps below:

i. Back up your MagazineX website so it can be restored later for any losses.
ii. Take screenshots or document the current theme’s settings and configurations.
iii. Save any custom code modifications you made to the MagazineX theme.

What should I do if I encounter issues during or after switching the theme from MagazineX to ColorMag?   

After switching the theme, if you encounter any issues, contact our live chat support: https://www.themegrill.com/ and drop your query. Our dedicated team member will check and get back to you soon. However, before you contact the support team, there are a few steps to follow that might help you fix the issue.

i. Deactivate all the third-party plugins to check if it’s an issue with the plugins.
ii. Check for the custom code you have added to the site.
iii. Make sure you have the Themes and Plugins updated to the latest versions.

For further detailed instructions, please visit the documentation

For direct assistance, please reach our support.

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